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Who we are:

          My name is Scott Silver. I received an undergraduate degree in business from Rutgers College in New Brunswick and a masters degree in accounting from Rutgers School of Business Management in Newark. While in New Brunswick I met my wife of 34 years. Our two children have grown, moved out and established successful careers of their own.


          For 32 years I ran my own wholesale business. I dealt with accountants, financial advisors, insurance agents, vendors, and customers. As technology changed I had to adapt to new ways of tracking invoices, receivables, schedules, and taxes just to name a few things. Nothing stays the same for long in business and you have to adapt quickly.

          As my family got older and the children moved out, I found myself looking to change what I was doing with my life. I no longer wanted to be tied down to an office and sought to downsize things for my wife and myself. A simple conversation with my parents over their bill payment problems had opened my eyes to what I was looking to do. I would put the knowledge I had accumulated over the years to work by bringing organization into the financial lives of others who struggle with these things. I would be like an extra set of helping hands.



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