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We give organizational assistance to people or their caregivers who can't, won't or don't want to handle mail, bills and paperwork. Typical events which trigger a need for our services may be……..


age or disability related:

  • having trouble keeping track of bills and financial documents

  • forgetting to pay bills on time or even at all

  • have a health issue such as arthritis or poor eyesight, making check writing difficult

  • unable to physically get to the bank

  • have trouble managing money and finances

  • may have a cognitive disorder

  • may be susceptible to scams

  • may have recently lost a spouse who had always managed the finances


family or estate related:

  • estate executors or administrators who are confused or need help with the process

  • adult children caring for their parents may be raising a family of their own or live too far away to properly oversee their parent's finances

  • individuals with power of attorney who want someone else to handle day-to-day finances of the person they are caring for

  • families having disagreements over who should be responsible for taking over the financial management for another family member, and would like an independent third party

  • family member looking to spend quality personal time with a relative rather than having to spend that time reviewing bills and finances


travel or work related:

  • busy individuals that don’t have the time to organize their day-to-day bookkeeping, bill paying, and budgeting

  • frequent travelers, traveling for business or pleasure who have unreliable schedules which make daily bookkeeping hard to keep up with

  • people with busy work and family demands


What we can do for individuals:


  • assess the needs of each client’s situation and help define a budget of typical income and expense activity.

  • make sure bills are paid on time so as to avoid late fees and interest.

  • review bills for accuracy, fraud, or mistakes. We advocate on your behalf in getting issues resolved.

  • review mail to screen potential fraud.

  • prepare payments of all bills in the form of either signature-ready checks or electronic payments.

  • prepare monthly statements of all financial activity for review.

  • reconciliation and balancing of bank statements.

  • negotiate with vendors to correct billing errors or to achieve greater savings. I have negotiated on behalf of my clients with cable companies, utilities, insurance carriers for homeowners and automotive policies, landscapers, home care agencies, credit card companies, medical offices, financial service firms, accountants and attorneys just to name a few.

  • organize tax information for a paid preparer's use.

  • provide referrals for accountants, lawyers and financial planners, or just about any other service that you can think of due to our many relationships with other trusted service providers.

  • assist in the organization and electronic preservation of important documents, creating a Virtual Inventory of all important documents such as wills, assets, account numbers, user names and passwords for on-line accounts. This puts all the information you need in one place and easily accessible by the people you give access to.


We can organize your financial and paperwork life. We become trusted in-home administrators. Our work complements the work of legal, tax and investment professionals and insures that the information provided to them is given in a neat and orderly manner. We can relieve the burden from caregivers helping keep people in their homes longer. This takes the stress and worry out of these responsibilities. It also relieves the need of having to hire one of these people at a much more expensive rate to do similar work. We can do all of this work on a routine schedule that best meets your needs.



What we do NOT do


- We do not give legal, accounting, investment or tax advice. We will help you get organized to the point where you can go to one of these professionals with a clear picture of what your needs are. We will then help refer you to someone who can assist you in those matters if necessary.





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