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How We Do Our Work:



Very simply, we come to your home or business, talk with you extensively about your situation and devise a plan of action. We determine where you need the most help, how much time it should take to perform our work, and decide the best schedule for visits and the gathering of information.


For home visits, typically it takes between two to four hours of work a month for us to do our job effectively, depending on the complexity of the situation. It is best that we visit twice a month and we will help you get organized so we can the most out of each visit!


  • We organize bill-paying schedules to meet your needs and financial situation. We can provide signature ready checks or arrange payments electronically, depending on you comfort level.

  • We help devise a system to help organize your financial records. We can set up a file system for paper records, or maintain the records electronically, providing summaries of all work detail.

  • We review bills and statements for accuracy and can act on your behalf if so requested to contact banks, credit card companies and companies to help resolve any questionable activity.

  • If so desired and with proper permission, we can work with family members and provide them with information about the work we have done.

  • We monitor daily financial activity to find any abuses quickly.

  • We tell you and show you where your money is going so you have a complete picture.

  • We protect your credit rating by making sure bills are paid accurately, on time and searching for potential fraud.


For businesses, time needed depends on the level of service you need. We are independent contractors, so the use of our services will free you from additional payroll taxes and costs of benefits that would result from you hiring employees to do the work we offer. We are available if you need help on an on-going basis or if you are experiencing a temporary or seasonal increase in work.


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