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Maybe your business is experiencing some of the following problems....


  • your accounting records are disorganized or out of date– you have a business to run. You're not an accountant, and managing your books can be a confusing and expensive chore.

  • your bank reconciliations are behind or maybe have never been done– this is an extremely important task that is often overlooked. Do you have a system in place to do it and employees you can trust to do it correctly? If not, it could be costing you more than you know.

  • your filing system is inefficient. You have trouble finding the right documents when you need them. You may be considering going "paperless" but not are not quite sure if it is worth it or how to do it

  • you don't have an accurate view of your daily cash flow; not being sure of your available cash balance at any given time could lead to returned checks and penalties

  • you don't have a clear understanding of payroll tax filing requirements – not understanding how much and when you owe state and federal payroll taxes can lead to huge penalties.

  • do you know what agencies to file payroll and corporate business taxes with and how to register with and find them online? Not many businesses know that New Jersey has recently consolidated their online reporting system to make it easier to file and pay payroll and corporate business taxes

  • you rely on your accountant to compute and file payroll taxes. Filing and paying them on your own can often save time and money and make you less dependant on others - and it's not as hard as you think


What we can do for businesses:


We offer assistance with the management of company records, consisting of, but not limited to:


  • accounting records – whether yours is a start-up or an existing business, we can set your records up from scratch or help streamline the process you use. We use and teach Quickbooks, Peachtree and Quicken. There aren't major differences in accounting programs, but we can show you which one will meet your needs the best.

  • bank reconciliations – we can help simplify this often painful process to make sure that your records match that of your bank’s. Banks are instituting more fees than ever and sometimes simple changes can help you avoid these fees.

  • daily money management – help you keep better track of day-to-day flow of money so you know where it’s going, when you need it, and how much you have on hand at any given time

  • review bank account deposit requirements to make sure you have your working funds in the most cost-effective account that your bank offers. New laws have made it much tougher for banks to hide fees and they have created new account rules to help recover those lost fees

  • payment of bills – set up clear payment schedules so you can see at a glance what is due and where your money is being spent

  • set up a more efficient filing system, one that might include a more "paperless" office environment

  • overseeing payroll tax filing requirements – make sure payroll taxes are paid on time and forms filed on a timely basis and help you avoid costly penalties. Are you handling payroll yourself? Do you use a service and are the giving you the best value for the money you pay them?

  • New Jersey offers streamlined online reporting through Premier Business Services. Do you currently take advantage of this feature?

  • computer training - in addition to the most popular accounting programs, we can show you how to get more out of Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook. Get your files neat and organized so you can find that document you created or email you received months or years ago. There are great antivirus programs available to help you keep your online computer time safe from viruses and potential hackers.


          There are other professionals you can hire to perform many of these functions, such as accountants, financial planners and attorneys. Hiring these people to do this type of work can become very expensive. We do all the routine work at a much more affordable rate. Why pay them at their inflated rates when we can do all the preparation work? Our work will save you money because it will take less time for others to find the answers they need to perform their work. Less time means lower fees from them, and we will help negotiate the lower fees by explaining our service to them if you want!



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