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Other services we can help with:


  • Notary Public


  • Does computer technology scare you? We can help you select the right equipment for your needs and help you find the best software or apps to make the most of what you are looking to do. (Words With Friends is not just a game, but is a great way to keep in touch with others).


  • Are you planning to move soon or downsize your life? Do you need help getting ready for the move? Do you need help deciding what is important to hold on to and what to get rid of? My wife and I recently moved from a ten room home to a two bedroom apartment. It takes a lot of preparation and a good system of purging the unnecessary things from your old life so you can easily slip into your new surroundings. We can help!


  • Need help keeping track of your personal schedule? There are ways to set up calendars and reminders so you can always know what’s going on – even when you are away from home. And you can share this information with others easily!


  • We're a good source of referrals - Take advantage of all the work we have done accumulating a list of wonderful, reliable service providers who can assist you with almost any need. We have spent hours talking with and vetting people and businesses who provide exceptional services of their own. We will help you find the right solution that is sensitive to your situation, fits your needs, and gets the job done right.



Do you feel buried by paperwork?














We can help by:


  • Sorting and reviewing any kind of paperwork.

  • Working with you to determine what’s important and needs to be saved.

  • Determining the best system for you to save important paperwork going forward.

  • Setting up a logical paper filing system which makes finding things much easier.

  • Setting up an electronic archive of old paperwork – go paperless – and setting up an electronic filing system! It’s easier than you think and saves a lot of space! We’ll prove it to you!


All of our work is done at your convenience at your home or at work!

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